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OfficeOne DataLinks extends PowerPoint:mac to allow you to update linked content in open presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to insert content on slides while keeping linkages to the external content files. The external content can be pictures, Excel sheets, Word documents, etc. When the external files get changed, PowerPoint updates the corresponding content on the slides automatically. It does it only when opening the presentation. OfficeOne DataLinks provides you with new menu items that allow you to update the linked content any time when the presentation is loaded.

OfficeOne DataLinks adds the following new menu items in the Tools menu of Microsoft PowerPoint:mac:
DataLinks menu

  1. Update Links in Slide: Use this menu item to update links to external content on the current slide. It does not do anything if the current slide does not have any linked content.
  2. Update Links in Presentation: Use this menu item to update links to external content on all slides in the current presentation.

OfficeOne DataLinks works with Microsoft PowerPoint 2011.

Click here to visit the download page.

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