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OfficeOne Send To Word extends PowerPoint:mac to allow you to send the presentation to Microsoft Word:mac. The document created from the presentation includes slide numbers, slide thumbnail images and speak notes in a nicely formatted 3-column table. The document also includes the presentation name as the document heading and page numbering.

OfficeOne Send To Word adds the following new menu items in the Tools menu of Microsoft PowerPoint:mac:
Send To Word menu

To use Send To Word, do the following:

  1. Open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint:mac.
  2. Click Send To Word... menu item to bring up the Send To Word dialog box:
    Send To Word Dialog
  3. Select the options that you wish and click OK button to begin the process of exporting your presentation to Microsoft Word:mac.

OfficeOne Send To Word works with Microsoft PowerPoint 2011.

Click here to visit the download page.

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