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The Random Slides is a PowerPoint:mac add-in enables you to randomize slides. It rearranges the slides in a random order within the presentation. Ensure that you make a copy of your original presentation before using this add-in. To use Random Slides, follow the instructions below.


Random Slides is supported on Microsoft PowerPoint:mac 2011. Download the 23 KB zip file that contains the add-in here Download.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and save RandomSlides.zip. Extract RandomSlides.ppam from it.
  2. Start PowerPoint:mac.
  3. Select Tools | Add-Ins... menu item.
  4. Click Add... button.
  5. Locate and select the add-in RandomSlides.ppam.
  6. Click Open button.
  7. Click Close button.

Using Random Slides

After loading RandomSlides.ppam in PowerPoint:mac, you can use it through the newly created Tools | Randomize Slides... menu item. You would get the following Randomize Slides dialog box:

 Randomize Slides

You can select the first and the last slide for the randomization process. This allows you to skip some slides at the beginning and end of the presentation from being randomly placed. Click the Randomize button to place the slides randomly.

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